Intercultural awareness and behaviour

There are many reasons why international companies are taking intercultural matters seriously. Employees need to be prepared for working abroad; internationally mixed teams need effective support; international colleagues must be integrated more rapidly; the leadership style of international subsidiaries must be understood by, or adjusted to, the parent company.

All intercultural aspects of communication, teamwork, negotiation, meetings, management and more, can be examined depending on the task, team or project you have to deal with. For example, what you have learned concerning specific "rules" in your own culture, can be entirely different in another!

We help you to better understand your own norms in comparison with the culture, helping you master both everyday and more difficult tasks and situations successfully. You will be able to deal more easily with the initial culture shock, learning how to show respect appropriately within the other culture. Helping you to maintain the high levels of integrity you have established in your own culture, while avoiding cultural traps and taboos in the other ...

Living means learning how to live with others ...

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