Rhetorical skills, convincing, negotiation

Everyone can talk. But are we really convincing when talking? Undoubtedly, rhetorical skills are critical to our success at work! How to start? How should I express myself? Now it really matters - how can I be at my best? First impressions can still count, and the last ones should indeed last. So you see, starting is already challenging, finishing also. And then there is the part in-between ...

Where do rhetorical skills begin and end? Is it about explaining something in an understandable way, to hold a stimulating presentation, talking in a lively and exciting way? Or is it about convincing the customer, persuading a colleague or friend? Maybe about discussing controversial issues logically? And there is even more involved. To stay dispassionate and objective when being insulted, to react appropriately when discussions are getting "too personal". Perhaps you have other objectives. To be witty and have a good sense of humour? Or a combination of all of these things!

O. K., but there are even more layers to it. The skill to negotiate. To be fair, but to still make your point. To avoid being fooled. To be assertive, self confident, but not arrogant ...

You see the journey can take you in many directions. Now it is your turn to navigate ... we will accompany you - to help you transfer your learning, to practice and give feedback, to be a role model!

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